We’re proud to announce the launch of Your Wealth Tracker

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We’re proud to announce the launch of Your Wealth Tracker

Your Wealth Tracker has arrived!

The YourWealth.co.uk team here at Blue Speck Financial are proud to announce the launch of Your Wealth Tracker technology, designed to provide a comprehensive solution for those looking to manage and plan their finances more effectively.

Using advanced algorithms and calculations, and cutting edge technology the Your Wealth Tracker brings all your finances into one place.

  • Budget from day to day to get the most out of your money
  • Track your progress to meeting goals, your current net worth and project for the future
  • Grow your money more effectively with greater control over your money

Your Wealth Tracker is available our website, YourWealth.co.uk. You can read more about the features and potential benefits of the Tracker here.

To reach as wider audience as possible, we’ve decided to make the technology and the core features in incorporates completely free to use.

Those who would like to automatically and securely sync their bank, credit and investment account data to ensure that they can see an up-to-date financial picture at a glance with minimum hassle, can try the premium version of the Tracker which costs £1.49 per month or £9.99 per year.

The technology will also soon be available as part of the Your Wealth app for Apple iOS, Android and Kindle Fire mobile and tablet devices.

Your Wealth Tracker forms a vital part of our strategy to develop a one-stop-shop comprehensive solution to help consumers take back control of their finances.


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