What we do

Connecting people to financial information, products and advice
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What we do

Blue Speck Financial operates several brands in the finance sector focused on delivering unique value to consumers and businesses alike.


Launched in October 2012, YourWealth provides users with access to the right financial information, product or advice.

YourWealth.co.uk offers innovative tools to help people research and self-select mortgages, savings, investment and protection products. Users can buy directly where appropriate, or connect with carefully selected financial advisers, providing them with better choice and greater control over their finances.

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MoneyHub is a revolutionary approach to managing your finances. It gives you an all-round view your current and future financial position. It lets you project your current net worth into the future and decide if you’re on the right track. Ultimately it puts you at the centre of your own financial universe.

MoneyHub took shape within the YourWealth app and the YourWealth.co.uk website, and in September 2014 was launched as a brand in its own right. The MoneyHub app is available for mobile and tablet devices via the App Store and Google Play.

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Blue Speck Media

Blue Speck Media is an agency that works directly with clients and partners in the financial services industry.

Blue Speck Media focuses on three key areas: lead generation, consultancy and agency services which can incorporate pay-per-click management, list management strategy, social media marketing, site-building, SEO based content, digital and email marketing.

To find out more, visit www.bluespeckmedia.co.uk


Some of our brands

  • MoneyHub
    Revolutionary financial app designed to help people to budget, plan and project their finances.

  • YourWealth
    YourWealth provides with tools, calculators and help choosing the right financial product, information or advice.

  • Blue Speck Media
    The agency arm of Blue Speck Financial works with worldwide financial services partners to focus on business-to-consumer lead generation.

Our recent work

  • Compare life insurance quotes
    YourWealth now offers customers the ability to compare real-time life insurance quotes, and the option to buy certain policies directly online.
  • YourWealth Tax Calculator
    See how the government spends your income taxes, including a breakdown of how each department is allocated funds.