Who we are

Connecting people to financial information, products and advice
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Who we are

The Blue Speck Financial team brings a wealth of experience in the digital and financial sectors and applies this to providing people with the ability to connect to the right financial information, product or advice according to their individual needs.

We work with providers to bring products directly to the user, and with carefully selected financial advisers to provide an intermediary service based on excellence and innovation.

Through our agency arm Blue Speck Media we also offer a range of digital marketing solutions for business-to-customer lead generation for partners in the financial services industry.

Founded in 2011 and acquired in 2014 by Momentum in the UK, we are in a phase of growth and rapid product development.

Pale Blue Dot
If you’re stuck trying to find Earth in the picture on the right, it’s the tiny bright dot about halfway down, suspended in the sun’s rays.

What’s in a name?

The name Blue Speck Financial is inspired by a photograph taken of planet Earth from the Voyager 1 deep space probe in 1990. Earth can be seen in the photograph as a blue speck from 3.8 billion miles away.

Voyager 1 is currently thought to be approaching the edge of our solar system, and is expected to become the first man-made object to move into interstellar space.

The probe travels at 1 billion miles every 3 years, and is now more than 11 billion miles away from earth.

Our team is dedicated to the detail, but we understand the importance of the bigger picture, and looking forward to achieve goals. The name ‘Blue Speck’ also reflects our desire to be at the cutting edge of innovation.





Some of our brands

  • MoneyHub
    Revolutionary financial app designed to help people to budget, plan and project their finances.

  • YourWealth
    YourWealth provides with tools, calculators and help choosing the right financial product, information or advice.

  • Blue Speck Media
    The agency arm of Blue Speck Financial works with worldwide financial services partners to focus on business-to-consumer lead generation.

Our recent work

  • Compare life insurance quotes
    YourWealth now offers customers the ability to compare real-time life insurance quotes, and the option to buy certain policies directly online.
  • YourWealth Tax Calculator
    See how the government spends your income taxes, including a breakdown of how each department is allocated funds.